Daily Forster

"But in public who shall express the unseen adequately? It is private life that holds out the mirror to infinity; personal intercourse, and that alone, that ever hints at a personality beyond our daily vision."

Howards End, Chapter X

Daily Forster

"The truth is that there is a great outer life that you and I have never touched—a life in which telegrams and anger count. Personal relations, that we think supreme, are not supreme there. There love means marriage settlements; death, death duties. So far I'm clear. But here's my difficulty. This outer life, though obviously horrid, often seems the real one—there's grit in it. It does breed character. Do personal relations lead to sloppiness in the end?"

Howards End, Chapter IV

Intimacy/Intrusion: Apple Watch and the Problem with Pseudopresence

When the Apple Watch was announced back in September, I was considering writing a lengthy screed railing against Apple’s use of the term “intimate” when demonstrating the new method of communication that the device affords. At the time, I was morally outraged, assuming that the only true moments of intimacy could be had in face-to-face interactions, prioritizing the sense of sight above all others. When I began outlining my argument, I realized the fallacy of the assumption, and it became apparent to me that the Apple Watch, though still not “intimate” to my mind, heralds a breakthrough in telehaptic communication and increases accessibility for the blind and deaf.

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